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telc - Language Tests

telc Online Placement Test (TOP Test)

Determine the language level of your employees quickly and accurately with the telc Online Placement Test.

Exam preparation course telc German B2-C1 Medicine

Prepare for the telc German Medicine B2/C1 exam and improve your communication in the medical field.

telc Türkçe C1

Take the internationally recognized telc Turkish C1 language exam and receive an official certificate.

telc Türkçe B2

At level B2 you can express yourself clearly and argue in your specialist field and on general topics.

telc Türkçe B1

At level B1 you can communicate in everyday situations, when traveling and about your own interests as well as describe opinions and experiences.

telc German C1 University

The telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule certificate proves advanced German language skills for academic purposes.

telc German C1

Obtain a recognized certificate with the telc Deutsch C1 exam, which confirms your advanced German language skills for work, study and everyday life.

telc German B2-C1 Medicine

The telc Deutsch B2-C1 Medizin is a scaled examination that tests German language skills in a medical context at levels B2 and C1.

telc German B2

The telc German B2 certificate confirms advanced German language skills and enables you to express yourself clearly and in detail.

telc German B1-B2 Care

The telc Deutsch B1-B2 Pflege is a technical language examination that tests German language skills in the field of geriatric and nursing care at levels B1 and B2.

telc German B1

The telc Deutsch B1 test tests your German language skills and provides a recognized certificate for naturalization in Germany.

telc German A2

The telc Deutsch A2 test tests your basic knowledge, enables you to hold simple everyday conversations and offers a recognized certificate after passing the test.



telc German A1

The telc Deutsch A1 test tests basic German language skills and enables you to hold simple conversations.