With education voucher

Use your education voucher for practical courses such as AEVO, work-related English or German for metal and care professions and improve your career opportunities.

Training of trainers (AEVO) – online part-time course

Experience optimal preparation for your IHK / HWK examination in 3 weeks in accordance with the Trainer Aptitude Ordinance (AEVO).

German for metalworking professions

The intensive course teaches job-related language and general knowledge for entry into the metal industry, including application documents and an overview of the job market.

Career-related English and job application coaching

The course improves your English language skills for the workplace and increases your chances on the job market.

German for nursing professions

The course improves your German language skills for nursing professions and prepares you for the telc exam B1/B2 Pflege for a successful career in the nursing sector.